ActMedia was founded in 1993 with a clear mission to provide communication and branding solutions in the retail stores. As a key business unit in the OMG Asia Pacific Group, ActMedia plays a pivotal role in spearheading the in-store marketing needs of many multinational clients in this region.

Our core strength and focus is all about communicating your brand and your message to the shoppers – right where it counts the most – at the retail stores.

Today, we are the leading in-store communications provider in Asia.

OMG Asia is the premier Retail and Shopper Marketing Solution Specialist with strong presence in 12 countries in Asia Pacific. Through its key business units, OMG Asia offers its clients a comprehensive suite of products and services to meet their in-store marketing needs. Solutions such as in-store media applications to in-store demonstrations, merchandising, precision marketing, data analytics, below-the-line solutions, energy conservation and more.

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The 2012 Shopper Engagement Study by POPAI showed that 78% of all shoppers make their buying decisions in the store! This is where ActMedia will position your brand and your message to these shoppers!

These shoppers ARE in the stores for a reason – to purchase something. Their minds are receptive to your brand and marketing message. This is the right time, and the right place to engage them.

In contrast, imagine receiving a call from a telemarketer during dinner or while watching a football game. Wrong time, wrong place.

Every media (be it the print, TV, online, etc) has a place in the overall marketing and branding strategy, but it is at the retail store where the rubber meets the road. You need to have a strong and engaging presence at the retail stores because this is where the battle for the shopper’s mind is won or lost.

ActMedia gives you and your brand the competitive edge over your competitors!

We are poised to position your brand and your product for maximum reach and exposure via our unique Sensorial-Based media devices and solutions!


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