Core Products

Our range of “Core Products” are specifically designed to build long term brand equity for our clients. Strategically positioned throughout the high-traffic zone (the Basket Zone) in the retail store, your brand will receive maximum exposure and visibility.

These core products are equipped with our unique sensorial-based mechanism to engage the shoppers meaningfully and communicate your brand’s message effectively at the shelves.

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Improve your product visibility

ShelfVision Banner

In-store billboards

ShelfVision/ ShelfVision Banner Take One

Interactive take home displays

Shelf Surround

Get your brand noticed

AdVantage Channel

In shelf TV allows you to communicate your message through sight and sound

Brand Spotlight

Make your brand stand out in the aisle


The first and last thing shoppers see in-store, it maximizes your brand exposure and frequency


Enhance your brand visibility with high stopping power promotes category dominance in-store.

InStore Radio

Immediate on-air reminder of your brand’s benefits and attributes to the shoppers in a ‘captive environment’.


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