Customized Products

In addition to the retail shelves, ActMedia provides customized products and solutions for the other shopping zones in the store.

Our customized products are based on the needs and communication objective of the brand/product using the Zone Concept. The Zone Concept is based on the fact that the shoppers’ mindset and expectations are different at different shopping zones.

Each product, brand and promotion strategy is unique, and as such, our Customized Products are designed to be flexible to meet all your marketing and branding requirements.

Our Customized Products are categorized according to the following zones:
- Orientation Zone
- Unplanned Zone
- Impulse Zone.

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Orientation Zone

Catch shopper attention just as they enter to create brand awareness, excitement and relevance.

Unplanned Zone

Drive out of shopping list buys to your favor by capturing customers browsing attention.

Impulse Zone

Encourage impulse buys in this zone by generating last minute brand reminders before shoppers exit the store.


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