In today’s world, every business must innovate and move with the times. Otherwise, it will quickly become irrelevant to their customers.

Recognizing this fact, ActMedia has a dedicated team of experts that continually stays on top of the latest global shopping and retail trends. The team then distills and dissects those trends and consumer behavior and applies them into our range of core products so that our solutions are always fresh, and relevant to your consumers.

For example, ActMedia is the first in-store media company to venture into the audio visual realm of advertising, i.e. AdVantage Channel Shelf TV.

We are also the first and the only company that provides creatives and in-store media solutions that engage the shoppers’ 5 senses because it is proven to be far more effective compared to traditional methods!

With ActMedia, you can be assured that your campaigns will always be relevant and fresh to the consumers.



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