Products Overview

ActMedia’s range of products are broadly categorized into:

1. Core Products
2. Customized Products.

Core Products

Our core products are designed from ground up to attract and engage shoppers at the shelves to build long term brand equity for our clients.

We focus on the shelves because that is where 80% of the sales of a brand is made. Because of this, each of our core products have been carefully crafted and strategically positioned on the shelves throughout the store for maximum impact and interaction with the shoppers.

ActMedia is the ONLY in-store communication company that gives you the competitive edge through our unique Sensory Based In-Store Media that engages the shoppers through their 5 senses – Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch.


Customized Products

In addition to the shelves, there are other areas within the retail store which ActMedia has identified as unique “shopping zones”.

At each of these zones, the shoppers have different mindsets and expectations.

Knowing the shoppers’ expectations at these zones enabled us to build customized products that meets those expectations – for example, at the “Impulse Zone” (usually at the checkout area), we have special interactive media that promotes products that are well received by shoppers who are queuing to pay.

Our years of experience in the retail network has given us valuable insights to the different types of in-store media devices to use at these different shopping zones for maximum impact.

Our products are specially designed to communicate your Brand’s affinity, awareness, attribute benefits and dominance! ~ ActMedia brings experiential marketing to the shop floor!


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