Retail Partners

ActMedia commands the largest retail network in Asia Pacific. Conservatively, an estimated 36+ million shoppers pass through our retail network annually.

Our retail partners form the backbone of our retail network and provide the platform where ActMedia executes the in-store advertising and branding campaigns for the brand owners.

By working closely with our retail partners and the brand owners, we are able to introduce the big-brand names to the shoppers at the fraction of traditional media rates, and at the same time, provide the widest retail coverage in Asia for our clients.

This creates a powerful “win-win-win” environment where everyone benefits:

  • Our retail partners (improved shopping environment leading to higher sales and profit)
  • Our Clients (brand awareness and engagement, more sales)
  • The shoppers (meaningful engagement and education of the brand/product)

If you are in the retail business, we would love to meet up with you and see how we can work together.

We have retail partners in all the countries we operate in, from local retail chains to international retailers.



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