Omo Matic Washing Detergent

Country: Vietnam
The Client: Unilever
The Brand Variant: OMO Matic Liquid Detergent

Campaign Objectives
The objective of this campaign was to educate MT shoppers (95% of them owned washing machines) of the superiority of Omo as a specialized washing machine detergent and to establish Omo as an “expert at cleaning clothes in washing machines”.

The goal was to convert shoppers from using ordinary detergent to Omo matic when doing WM laundry.

To achieve the campaign objectives, ActMedia launched an integrated In-store campaign for Omo matic with our flagship products: ShelfVision+ShelfVision Banner, Shelf Surround and 3D Floor Vision for maximum visibility and impact.

The main message on all creatives highlighted Omo matic’s tagline “Complete stain removal in washing machine without intervention.”

The ShelfVision made use of a mechanism that showed a “rotating drum” inside the machine, and a light mechanism to highlight this.

A pop-up visual of a T-shirt with a tornado “attacking” the stain was placed at the top to highlight the cleaning action of Omo inside the machine.

The Shelf Surround was used as a category dominator, to establish its expertise in machine wash by featuring WM companies’ endorsement of the brand.

The 3D FloorVision was used as a 3D “billboard”on the aisle with its wide dimension (1.2mx2.2m). The creative execution of a WM and Omo bottle “popping” out from the floor was an attention grabber!

The campaign ran from 15 Oct 2012 to 06 Jan 2013 with 4 chains of retailers: Metro, Coop, Lotte and Big C.