ActMedia Singapore was incorporated in March 1996 and was the first company formed in the OMG Group in Singapore. ActMedia Singapore, an in-store marketing specialist, with its various media networks, offers a portfolio of advertising and marketing services.
Over the years, ActMedia has developed an exclusive network with key retailers such as FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, Shop N Save and Sheng Siong. With our in-store media network spanning across more than 140 stores island wide, we deliver high reach, high impact advertising to engage and activate supermarket and hypermarket shoppers.
Our on-shelf advertising platform, Shelf Vision Banner, is the most popular form of in-store media, providing shoppers cues on promotions, navigation and information on product or brand updates. Shelf Vision Banners are effective brand awareness builders that can attract, engage, motivate and activate shoppers in actual purchases.
In Aug 2012, ShopFM, a new division of ActMedia, launched a new media format, in-store radio advertising in FairPrice. This marks another milestone achieved by ActMedia, making in-store radio advertising available for the first time in supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore. Known as the FairPrice Radio Show, it is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, offering brands the platform to engage and activate shoppers creatively throughout their shopping journey, while creating the right audio environment to enhance the shopping experience.
ActMedia also offers out-of-home media platforms comprising of Walking Ads and Bicycle Ads. As a form of vicinity marketing, these offer brands ‘street presence’ with fast reach and high frequency in geographically targeted areas. Highly cost effective, Walking Ads and Bicycle Ads offer the potential to generate maximum brand exposure with unlimited creativity and flexibility.
SportsMedia, a media network providing advertising opportunities in golf clubs, driving ranges, yacht clubs, fitness centers and mix-martial arts clubs, reaches out to a captive audience of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen (PMEBs) while they relax and spend their leisure time.


ActMedia Singapore

Company Size: 13 employees


Singapore Office
8 Jalan Kilang Timor #01-01 Kelwaram House
159305, Singapore
Tel: +65 6844 0122
Fax: +65 6746 8105

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Creative Title: Launch of New Variant

Creative Title: Launch of New Air Freshener

Creative Title: Launch of New Variant

Creative Title: Launch of New Hot Tea Packaging

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