the 5 senses

Imagine sitting down for a sumptuous meal with a blocked nose.  Or describing a beautiful picture to a blind man. Or watching a blockbuster movie without the audio. It just wouldn’t be the same, would it?

Recognizing the importance of our senses, ActMedia’s propriety range of core products are specifically designed to engage the shoppers’ 5 senses for maximum impact.

Each medium is meticulously designed to bring out the main benefit of the product/brand by using one (or more) of the 5 senses where appropriate.

In fact, we are so convinced that using the 5 senses will increase the shopper engagement that we have conducted an extensive study on it a few years back.

Our study revealed that shoppers who are able to feel and touch the product increased brand recall from 57% to 84%. On top of that, the brand’s attributes and benefits recall shot up to a whopping 79% (compared to 45%).

This is the power of “Sensory Communication” that only ActMedia can deliver.

With our unique sensorial range of products, we will help you build a stronger and more shopper-centric solution that will win the hearts and minds of the shoppers.



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